Approach to Devising Functional Solutions

Understanding the Sustainability Continuum: From Automation-driven to Strategy-driven.

We cut our teeth on Sustainability practice through working on real-life Sustainability challenges. We have done this through deep engagements with various types of institutions/ organisations. We have worked on projects that are data intensive, those that are analysis driven,some research oriented and some communication-focussed.

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We view Sustainability practice as composed of various interlinked modules, which can be placed on a continuum of ‘suitability for automation’. At one end are those aspects of sustainability that involve data gathering, analyses, monitoring projects, communicating with internal and external stakeholders. These activities, if automated, can significantly bring down time (costs), and at the same time significantly improve effectiveness and accuracy. We believe Sustainability practice has the biggest chance of success in its juxtaposition with Information Technology.

Certain activities such as target setting, compliance and sustainability reporting require human intelligence and management, but can be partly automated both to improve the quality of decision making, and to increase efficacy and effectiveness.

At the other end are those facets of Sustainability practice that are primarily strategy and negotiation-driven.

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Human Experience and Management
Sustainability Maturity Assessment

A snapshot view of sector-specific sustainability practices

THE HIVE is pre-loaded with the Climate Miles proprietary Sustainability Maturity Assessment tool - a snapshot of sustainability performance of companies in select sectors (based on public-domain information); this data is used to map individual companies within a Sector on a Sustainability Grid. Useful as an aspiration-setting tool; For vendor-companies, useful to align with the sustainability strategy of exisitng/ potential client companies.

GHG Emissions Accounting/ Carbon Footprinting

GHG emissions/ Carbon Footprint: Calculation, Analysis and Reporting

THE HIVE is pre-loaded with the framework of WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol for Corporate Accounting and Reporting, and the emission factors database. Emissions data is sliced and diced to present Scope and Activity-differentiated GHG emissions profile, and to identify emission 'hotspots' and set reduction targets.

Lifecycle Inventory (LCI)

Tracking the ecological profile of products and materials

THE HIVE absorbs data from LCA softwares to track ecological profiles of products and materials.

Data Capture

Customised data entry forms and a repository of all sustainability records

All data points tagged and ready for analysis at multiple levels (e.g. Plant, SBU or Region-level), and according to multiple frameworks (e.g. using the same data point for the calculation of GHG emissions in CO2e, electricity use in kWh, energy use in Joules) Pre-loaded with the logic for data validation and intelligent filling of data gaps, and for flagging inconsistent and missing data.

Organisational Modelling

Defining the Company structure and function, Rights Management, Customisations

This is the repository of the basic information about a Company on THE HIVE - its location, industry segment, employee-break-up and production. This data is frequently is used in Benchmarking and KPI analysis. Team members can be assigned 'Rights' to view, add/ edit/ delete data, and download reports. Customisations w.r.t analysis frameworks and 'View' options can be done directly by the User.

Asset Tracking

Inventory of Assets

Many efficiency-improvement and cost-saving projects involve the use of Assets like Motor, Boilers, Incinerators etc. All Assets, from specialised equipments to furniture, can be tracked through specific projects on THE HIVE

Customised Visualisation

Giving a visual context to your data

Data visualisation in THE HIVE goes beyond static charts and tables, giving the user the opportunity to interact with the data. Recognition of trends, patterns and correlations that might otherwise go un-noticed in text-based data, leads to better analysis and decision making.

Resource (energy/ water/ waste) Footprinting

Tracking the most significant Natural Resources: Energy, Water and Waste Footprinting

THE HIVE is pre-loaded with frameworks and metadata to track and analyse energy, water and waste. The data is then sliced and diced to present resource-use profile, to identify resource use 'hotspots' and to set efficiency targets.

Analytics & Scenario Modelling

Alternate Scenarios to aid in decision making

Alternate Scenarios to aid in decision making - Preloaded with relevat metadata to present the projected outcome of various sustainability project decisions - analyses alternatives in terms of financial implications, ecological impact and eash of implementation.

Communications Portal - internal

Sharing Sustainability News with employees

Management of sustainability content directed at internal audience - pulls relevant information from other modules, and integrates content from other sources/ social media.

Communications Portal - outward facing

Sharing Sustainability News with the World at large

Management of sustainability content directed at internal or external audience - pulls relevant information from other modules, and integrates content from other sources/ social media.


Set targets based on industry standards and internal priorities

THE HIVE is pre-loaded with the Climate Miles proprietary industry-specific benchmarking tool. In conjunction with internal capabilities and priorities, this makes possible rational target-setting and monitoring w.r.t. resource efficiency improvement.

Decision Aid

Making sustainability decisions objective and participatory

Sustainability benefits all functions of the company and multiple departments are usually involved in ensuring its success. All major stakeholders can get on the HIVE to rate/ rank proposed projects, ensuring commitment and participative decision making.

Environmental/ ESG/ Sustainability Compliance Module

Customised Environmental Regulations Registry

Management of compliance targets through task allocations, reminders and monitoring non-conformities.

Resource Efficiency Improvement Projects Monitoring

Manage each sustainability initiative as a discrete Project

Sets measurement parameters (sometimes involving multiple resources and asset categories), assigns tasks and deadlines; monitors.

Sustainability Reporting Module

Preloaded with the most popular Sustainability Reporting Frameworks

Generates draft Sustainability Report - with data pulled in from multiple modules and with standard sustainability reporting visualisations.

Vendor/ Supply chain Footprint Module

Tracking suppliers' Sustainability Performance

Tracks supplier sustainability performance on international standards or internal guidelines; preloaded with metrics to benchmark suppliers

Resource Use Data Management

Strategy and management related functions.

Compliance Management

Strategy and management related functions.

Sustainability Reporting/ Declarations Mgmt.

Strategy and management related functions.

Sustainability Strategy/ Resource Mgmt. Strategy

Strategy and management related functions.

Emissions Offsetting/ Environmental Damage Reparation Strategy

Strategy and management related functions.

Greening Supply Chain

Strategy and management related functions.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) Policy

Strategy and management related functions.

Sustainability Communication Strategy

Strategy and management related functions.

Service Offerings

 Sustainability Strategy & Implementation Partner

 Benchmarking (Energy, Water Efficiency Studies)

 Financial Benchmarking and Climate Risk Management Index Creation, Reports

 Carbon Footprinting

 Measurement of Environmental Parameters in Air and Water

 Greening Supply Chain

 Legal Compliance

 Sustainability Reporting

 Sustainability Communication

 Branding & Marketing

 Sustainability Education


 Closed loop waste management

 Green workplace

 Greening Small and Medium Businesses



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