Sustainability Training

Sensitize and Prepare your Workforce for the Emerging Fourth Economy

In most enterprises across the board, there is an emerging awareness about the inevitability of adapting to an era of Sustainable business practices. In many cases, this is accompanied by an uncertainty about what to do, where to begin and how to manage the Sustainability function. The Climate Miles Sustainability Corporate Training Programme will inform and prepare your workforce to make informed decisions in implementing your Sustainability roadmap.

We recognise that Sustainability needs to be managed across the 3 levels of Management in an enterprise. Since Sustainability is an emerging function, the top management has to be involved in setting the direction and overall strategy. The functional heads and the middle management will be focused on the implementation of Sustainability initiatives / projects, and continuous monitoring, aggregation and reporting. However, no project/ initiative will succeed without the whole-hearted support of the workforce, and for this, your workforce will need to be sensitized and trained.

Our training programs are cross-functional and custom designed to suit the requirements of the enterprise.
A programme for the senior management team can look like this:

Sample Programme

Module 1 The convergence of international Sustainability norms, and the legislations of the Indian Government.

Module 2 What are Sustainability Initiatives?

Module 3 The Fourth (Green) Economy and the Markets

Module 4 Sustainability and Enterprise functional areas

Module 5 Sustainability Roadmap - participative workshop

About the Programme

This training programme will be preceded by preliminary audit conducted by the Climate Miles team in association with the functional/ department heads in order to understand the existing Sustainability status.

This is a 2-day training programme (5 hours each day). The last session (2-3 hrs.) will be the stakeholders workshop facilitated by the trainers

Training modules can be customised depending on enterprise requirements