Simplifying Scope 3 Analysis for Large Enterprises

Futureproof tm is the demonstration of our readiness to help large enterprises manage their Scope 3 GHG inventories. It seeks to create shared value for large enterprises and their SME vendors/ suppliers.

Through Futureproof tm, vendor companies get access to a low cost, easy to use software tool (backed by online and offline support of the Climate Miles facilitators) for measuring and analysing their GHG emissions, and setting reduction targets.

Futureproof enables a large enterprise to assess the GHG emissions intensity within its universe of current and potential vendors. This can support supply chain strategy w.r.t. vendor selection and support.

Futureproof tm was been created as part of the IndiaGHG Program

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Click here to view a recorded demo of the GHG Emissions Inventory Module of Futureproof